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Welcome to The Dupuy Group

We’re proud that Dupuy has been a respected name in the warehousing and logistics industries for more than 75 years. A lot has changed since 1936 when John Dupuy opened our first coffee warehouse on South Peters Street in New Orleans. Today, The Dupuy Group has evolved into a diversified global logistics and storage provider with more than 1.5 million square feet of strategically located warehouse space and 21st Century technology. Our fully integrated facilities serve the ports of New Orleans, Houston, Jacksonville and Miami. In addition to exceptional storage services in choice locations, Dupuy customers enjoy a wide variety other services including transportation and logistics.

As a family owned and operated company, we honor John’s unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, value and exceptional customer service. We are committed to finding the best solutions for your warehousing and logistics needs at competitive prices.  Our motto is the same as it was more than 75 years ago, “Whatever it takes, it can be done!”

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    Dupuy Houston
    Houston, TX

    Our customers enjoy the benefits of working with a company that is an industry leader in Safety, Technology, Service and Security. Dupuy Houston is dedicated to “Best in Class” quality and customer service. Quality happens through innovation and continuous process improvement. Our employees recognize that the responsibility for achieving quality service rests with each team member.
  • Dupuy Storage & Forwarding
    New Orleans, LA

    Since 1936, Dupuy Storage & Forwarding LLC has been a respected name in the warehousing industry in New Orleans. Near the city center, convenient to the Port and served by the New Orleans Public Belt Railroad, we are ideally situated for transportation and storage of general cargo, coffee, tea, sugar, and many other commodities.

    With approximately 1 Million square feet of warehouse space and a complete customer service department, we are committed to finding the right solutions for your global warehousing needs.

  • Dupuy Silo Facility
    Dupuy Storage Florida

    Jacksonville, FL

    The Dupuy Group Jacksonville includes two modern storage and logistics facilities, Dupuy Silo Facility and Dupuy Storage Florida with more than 300,000 sq. ft. of combined space serving the Port of Jacksonville. Our warehouses are ideally situated for transportation and storage of specialty and commercial-grade coffee as well as sugar and other general cargo products.
  • Dupuy Storage Miami

    Dupuy Storage Miami
    Miami, FL

    Our expansive 140,000 square foot warehouse is ideally situated for transportation and storage of all your warehouse needs. Located near the city center, Dupuy Storage Miami is both convenient to the Port and served by the Railroad.

    As Colmar Storage, LLC, we’ve operated as a full-service warehouse for over 20 years in Miami, and over the years we have developed extensive experience and expertise handling products.